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B&B Sistemi has always worked on a project basis, developed by the team within the set times and deadlines, after acquiring all the useful information relevant to the customers activities, from the assessment of the state of the art to the objectives and limitations defined for the project.
In more than twenty years, creating solutions for management requirements, planning hardware implementations, reorganizing business functions, developping new software, market analysis, has meant to increase the efficiency of organizations by identifying simple solutions to complex problems, to manage business performance with business intelligence applications, to exploit the knowledge management to regenerate areas of activity, to create collaborative and relationship management platforms with customers in Europe, to create Quality Manuals for certification paths, to develop business applications and websites.

''To me, design & planning are both an instinct and a pleasure, a challenge in developing with passion original and effective solutions, aided by an analytical vision developed thanks to my technical studies. Reputation and word of mouth have always allowed us to get into contact new businesses that already knew about us, so the effort spent on projects and service was not only an investment but also a competitive advantage.''
Andrea Brussi, founding partner

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